الحلول الصحيحة للخدمات البحرية



 We provide the following list of services:

 Marine & CargoSurvey Services:

  1. Cargo Surveys
  2. Loading/Discharge Supervision
  3. Draft Surveys (Bulk Carrier and Barges)
  4. Ullage Surveys (Crude Oil/Petroleum/LPG/LNG/Chemical Tankers)
  5. On Hire & Off Hire Surveys
  6. P&I Condition Surveys
  7. Cargo Holds/Hatch Sealing Inspection
  8. Hull & Machinery Surveys
  9. Cargo Damage Surveys & Investigation
  10. Loss Investigation & Adjusting
  11. Supercargo & Port Captain Services
  12. Casualty Incident Investigation
  13. Towage Approval Survey (Tug & Barges)
  14. Lashing Approval Surveys for Barges and Containers

 Our in-house surveyors consist of well-trained professional with relative wide   range of field experienced as marine & cargo surveyors, master, chief engineer,   technical consultants-engineer and shipping professionals.

 Logistics Services:

  1. Customs Clearance
  2. Freight Forwarding.
  3. Warehousing & storage
  4. Vessel stevedoring.
  5. Vessel agency
  6. Ship Chandling-Food Provisions

  Other services:

  1. Civil & Other Engineering Works Contracting.
  2. Camp Maintenance & Catering Services
  3. Security & Convoy Arrangement
  4. Labor & Manpower Supply.
  5. Visa & Immigration Assistance
  6. Accommodation Rental
  7. Heavy Equipment Rentals 

third party surveyor 

We carry out surveys on behalf of:

  • Shipper
  • Consignee
  • Party with Cargo Interest
  • Port and Terminal Operators
  • Insurance Underwriters
  • Ship Owners & Charterer
  • P&I Clubs & Mutual Clubs
  • Shipping Companies & Agents

Our Mission Statement

 We are committed to succeed in our entire endeavor and tasked with a mission to become leaders in the field of logistics and marine services, with reputation based on a reliability and efficiency in performing our duties to provide excellent service to clients, in adherence with the highest ethical standards of the industry.

 With our company’s program of continuous training supported with the leading technology, we as professionals shall endeavor to cope up with the demands of the trade.

 We share our ideas and aspiration in the rebuilding of our country and providing working opportunity for the Iraqis for a better life.

 Our Quality Policy

 Our main objective & commitment in providing quality & superior service to our customers, principals & colleagues.

 Meeting our customer requirements for logistics and marine services support in the sea-land, & air transport.

 Relentless expansion & diversification to open avenues for employees’ growth while within the organization.

 A dynamic team spirit, the individual passion & zeal to provide a zero defect services at all times. A quality system that is dynamic way of life.

 Satisfaction for all internal & external customers.


Umm Qasr, Iraq

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